LED Flood Light

High Power LED Flood Light(20W,35W, 50W,70W,100W,150W,200W,240W)

High Power LED Flood Light
MB-F004B-20W , MB-F004B-30W , MB-F004B-50W ,MB-F004B-70W,MB-F004B-100W,MB-F004B-150W
1.Work Voltage:85V~265Vfrequency(50~60Hz)DC(12V24V)
2.LED Power:20W,30W,50W,70W,10W,150W,200W,240W
3.Beam Angle:110
4.Color:cool white/white/warm white/RGB
5.Luminous Efficiency: 100lm/W
6.Color Temper:2700-7000K.
7.Life Span:>50000h,energy saving >50%
8.The light match with screw and bracket, installing and connecting the wire is very simple and convenient.
9.CE and ROHS certification

LED Flood/Tunnel Light

Model:MB-F012B-100W,  MB-F013B-120W, MB-F013B-140W,MB-F013B-160W,MB-F023B-200W
1.Input voltage:AC85V-265V
2.LEDs:2 pcs,4pcs
3.Color Temperature:Warm White:2700-3900K,Pure White:3900-6000K,Cool White:6000-7000K
4.Color Index:Warm White:>78Ra
5.Ingress Pretection:IP65
6.Luminous Efficiency: 70-80lm/W or 80-90lm/W
7.Net/Gross Weight:11.1KG/12.4KG
8.Package Size(2PC):46*34*66CM

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