Streamy LED Flex Strip

Digital Multi Color Flexible SMD LED Strip:

1.Streamy Single color SMD Light strip


1.Streamy Single color 3528 SMD Light strip
2.LED No.:270 pcs per reel
3.Voltage:DC12V,use DMX512 controller
5.Changes, such as chasing, flowing water
6.Colors:Red Green Blue White Yellow.

2.Intelligent 5050 SMD RGB light strip


Magic RGB light strip


1.LED Qty:150pcs/reel
4.In addition to traditional RGB light effect of the changes, This increase in a unique digital control system that
can reach changes like display, while the costs are much lower than the display


  1. Accessorial lighting for stairway and construction lighting
  2. Backlight for single letter
  3. Channel letter lighting
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