1. Statement of Warranty
All products are warranted for two or three years from the date of purchase.
Warranty is void when products are used in applications that they are not intended for.
A copy of the invoice is required for warranty repairs or replacements.
Please call or email to notify us prior to returning items for warranty repair or exchange.

2. Payment Terms
Please wire transfer money to ourĀ  account as possible as you can.

3. Custom orders and large orders
We welcome custom work or offer customized versions of any of our standard products.
Due to the advancing nature of LED technology, custom orders for LED bulbs and fixtures, as well as large orders, are non-refundable and cannot be canceled. Furthermore, all orders must be paid for upon placement. Custom and large orders will not begin production until payment is received in full.

4. In case of breakage
All order shipments leave our facility complete and in working order. Customer must report any damage within 3 days of receipt of order by sending digital photographs (.jpg) of damaged items and shipping materials to us.Customer must retain damaged merchandise, packing and shipping containers until claim has been settled. Damage in transit is the sole responsibility of the carrier, and any claims beyond this 3 day period will not be deemed valid by us.

5. Free Samples
WE DO NOT SUPPLY FREE SAMPLES as we receive too many requests – please do not request them… thank you.

6. Delivery
We arrange delivery via DHL,TNT and UPS or Others.